Trial date set for man accused of keeping therapist hostage, shot in face by deputy

A trial date has been set for a 21-year-old man accused of holding a lady hostage with a knife before being shot in the head by a deputy in Boca Raton.

Tzvi Allswang is scheduled to appear in a Palm Beach County courtroom for a jury trial in March.

According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO), Allswang was shot in the face on July 2, 2022, while conducting a welfare check at a home on Larkspur Trail. Earlier, the victim’s mother contacted the sheriff’s office to report her daughter missing. The caller stated that her daughter worked as a mental health therapist and had not been heard from since her most recent client appointment.

The lady even told PBSO that “she feels that [her daughter] may have been kidnapped.” Nobody would prove her correct for another nine hours.

Trial date set for man accused of keeping therapist hostage, shot in face by deputy

PBSO arrived at the house twice, once at 4:19 a.m. and again at 6:47 a.m., after the victim’s mother called again, insisting that her daughter was inside. When PBSO deputies arrived at the home for the second time, they reported hearing a woman crying for help.

According to the sheriff’s office, after hearing the screams, deputies attempted to enter the house but discovered that all windows and doors had been shut. Additional units were contacted, and PBSO was allowed to enter the home around 9:30 a.m., where they discovered Allswang holding the victim hostage with a knife held to her throat in the master bedroom closet.

A PBSO officer shot Allswang once in the head in an attempt to disarm him. He was soon rushed to the hospital for surgery, and he survived.

After his recovery, Allswang was charged with one case of attempted murder with a weapon, four charges of sexual battery with force, and one act of kidnapping. On Wednesday, his trial was scheduled for March 15 at 9 a.m.

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