Residents at Hyde Park apartments worry about their safety

People living in one Hyde Park housing complex have expressed their worries to us directly.

Dakota Carey stated that after months of appealing to management to make a change, he believed the best choice was to contact us.

“We’ve had ongoing issues with trash and security in this building,” Carey went on to say.

To enter Lumi Hyde Park, you will need a key fob. However, during my visit on Wednesday, I discovered that the doors do not lock.

“This one does not even need a fob. So, you can just stroll in. “It’s taped open so that anyone can come from the streets at any time,” Carey added.

Carey is concerned that anyone may stroll in and gain access to the commons area.

“This portion features a small commons area, a coffee machine, and an above gym. “It’s wide open for anyone to walk right into,” Carey explained.

Carey also claimed his motorcycle was taken because the garage gate never closed properly.

“That remained here for three weeks after I moved here. “I had it shipped down here in early August, and it was gone by the end of August,” Carey explained.

He stated that management informed him that the cameras do not work. Carey also gave us photographs of trash stacking up and overflowing onto the ground.

“It’s just over $2,200 per month, and both of us hate it,” Carey explained.

He claimed to have sent email after email appealing for improvements, not just for his personal safety, but for everyone else’s as well.

Instead, Carey told us that after nearly a year, he’s still wondering when and if anything will be done.

“Not quite heartbreaking, but kind of the same feeling,” Carey went on to say.

While we were interviewing Carey, other people approached us and expressed the same worries. They inform me they don’t intend to renew their lease.

“We don’t have anyplace to just go. They will not allow us out of the lease without paying a nearly $5,000 penalty. We’d love to just leave and be done with it. But we’re locked in, and they won’t keep their half of the agreement,” Carey said.

We’re keeping an eye on this while we work to get a response. On Wednesday, we called and emailed management before arriving on-site.

We went inside the leasing office, where management refused to answer any of our inquiries or concerns, which we conveyed to them through the residents.

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