Chicago’s 8 serial killings suspect committed suicide in Texas

A murder suspect who was being investigated for killing eight people in a suburban Chicago region committed suicide following an encounter with police in Texas.

U.S. Marshals located Romeo Nance in Texas near Natalia. During a fight with the Marshalls, Nance shot himself.

The Medina County Sheriff’s Office stated that they received a call regarding a person suspected of being involved in the Chicago killings as he traveled across Interstate 35.

He was shortly approached at a gas station, where he shot himself in front of everyone for fear of not being able to escape. Nance has been on the run since he was identified as a suspect in eight murders in three Chicago suburbs.

Chicago's 8 serial killings suspect committed suicide in Texas

Police stated that they are unsure of the causes for the deaths. However, it has been established that Nance was acquainted with all of the victims. The FBI’s Fugitive Task Force supported local police in their search for the culprit.

The victims were discovered murdered on Sunday and Monday in three different locations. One of the homicide victims was discovered on Sunday in a residence in Will County. Seven further victims were discovered dead in their homes on the same block.

Authorities also believe Nance is involved in another incident in Joliet that injured a man.

Deputies reportedly conducted stakeouts after being tipped off to his whereabouts. When no one showed up, deputies went to one of the houses where he might be hiding.

Joliet Police said in a Facebook post that while investigating the several deaths, they spread the word about Nance’s photo and vehicle images in search of leads. The automobile was a red Toyota Camry.

After sharing the information, the police learned that the suspect was in Texas, where the confrontation culminated in Nance’s deadly suicide.

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