Explore 5 Most Safest Cities for Women in Vermont

Vermont celebrated for its scenic landscapes and renowned maple syrup production, is also recognized for its commitment to safety. Multiple national rankings, including those by CNBC, Wallethub, and SafeWise, have crowned Vermont as the Safest State and the Best State to Live in America.

Within this haven of safety, certain cities stand out for their exceptional security and appeal. In this article, we explore the five safest cities in Vermont, providing insights into their unique attributes and why they are considered ideal havens for women.

Barre: Nestled in Tranquility

With a population of 2,677, Barre is a small yet vibrant city nestled in the Green Mountains. Home to Norwich University, the oldest private military college in the U.S., Barre boasts safety statistics that underscore its secure environment. Violent crimes are well below the national average at 2.66, and property crimes stand at 5.83. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, Barre offers women a peaceful and secure community.

Explore 5 Most Safest Cities for Women in Vermont

Essex: Small and Charming Retreat

Located along the Lamoille River and just 10 minutes from the ski capital of the East, Stowe, Essex exudes charm and tranquility. With a small and intimate population, the city’s safety stats are impressive, with only 1.10 for violent crimes and 1.26 for property crimes. Essex provides a serene backdrop for women seeking safety without compromising on the picturesque beauty of Vermont’s landscapes.

CityPopulationViolent Crimes (per 1,000 residents)Property Crimes (per 1,000 residents)
MontpelierSmallBelow national averageVaries
Explore 5 Most Safest Cities for Women in Vermont

Swanton: Picturesque Serenity

Boasting a population of 6,400, Swanton is a picturesque town characterized by country roads, acres of woods, and historic streets. With safety statistics revealing 1.45 for violent crimes and 7.62 for property crimes, Swanton combines small-town charm with a commitment to security. The town’s idyllic setting makes it an ideal haven for women looking for safety amidst natural beauty.

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Montpelier: Capital of Safety

As the state capital, Montpelier stands out not only for its governmental significance but also for its low crime rate and welcoming community. With violent crimes below the national average and property crimes showing variability, Montpelier provides a secure environment in a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. The city’s commitment to safety aligns with its reputation as a hub of governance and community engagement.

Explore 5 Most Safest Cities for Women in Vermont

Stowe: Outdoor Enchantment

Known for its powdery slopes and captivating landscapes, Stowe is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. With a small and idyllic population, Stowe maintains low statistics for both violent and property crimes. The city’s commitment to providing a safe environment aligns with its reputation as a destination for those seeking adventure and natural beauty.

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Vermont’s dedication to safety is exemplified through these five cities, each offering a unique blend of security and charm. Barre, Essex, Swanton, Montpelier, and Stowe stand out as havens for women, providing not only low crime rates but also picturesque settings and welcoming communities. In these cities, women can find not only safety but also the opportunity to thrive amidst Vermont’s unmatched beauty and community spirit.

SOURCE: onlyinyourstate, travelsafe-abroad

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