The Most Expensive Restaurant in New York City for a Fine Dining

New York City, a global culinary hub renowned for its diverse gastronomic scene, hosts a plethora of restaurants catering to various tastes and budgets. Amongst the opulent dining establishments that grace the city, one stands out as the epitome of luxury and extravagance. In this article, we explore the crown jewel of culinary indulgence – the most expensive restaurant in New York City.


Masa is an exclusive and renowned sushi restaurant located in New York City. Located at 10 Columbus Circle, Masa’s Sushi Bar is run by the three Michelin-star chef Masayoshi Takayama. It offers Japanese cuisine at its finest. The tasting menu costs a whopping $595 per person, and with additional drinks and dishes, the bill can total up to $1,000. This is currently the most expensive restaurant in the city that never sleeps.

The Most Expensive Restaurant in New York City for a Fine Dining

Here are some key details about this exceptional dining establishment

  • Chef Masayoshi Takayama: Masa is helmed by the three Michelin-star chef Masayoshi Takayama, who is celebrated for his mastery of Japanese cuisine.
The Most Expensive Restaurant in New York City for a Fine Dining
  • Culinary Experience: Masa offers an omakase-style dining experience, which means that the chef personally selects and prepares each course based on the freshest ingredients available that day. The menu is ever-changing, ensuring a unique and exquisite meal.
  • Minimalist Aesthetic: The restaurant’s interior is minimalistic and serene, allowing the focus to remain on the food. The intimate setting accommodates only a few guests at a time, ensuring personalized attention.
  • Sushi Perfection: Masa is renowned for its exceptional sushi. The fish is sourced from around the world, and each piece is meticulously crafted to highlight its natural flavors. The rice, too, is prepared with precision.
  • Price Tag: Dining at Masa is a luxurious experience, but it comes with a hefty price tag. The tasting menu costs $595 per person, and with additional drinks and dishes, the bill can easily reach $1,000 or more.
  • Reservation Required: Due to its limited seating and high demand, reservations are essential. Guests often book weeks or even months in advance to secure a spot.

Best Time to Visit Masa

The Most Expensive Restaurant in New York City for a Fine Dining
  • Intimate Atmosphere: Masa’s intimate setting is enhanced by subdued lighting, creating an elegant and tranquil ambiance. Evening hours allow you to fully appreciate the minimalist decor and focus on the culinary experience.
  • Fresh Ingredients: The restaurant receives its fresh seafood ingredients daily. By dining in the evening, you’ll enjoy the day’s finest catches, ensuring the highest quality sushi and sashimi.
  • Chef’s Creativity: Chef Masayoshi Takayama’s creativity shines during dinner service. The omakase menu evolves throughout the evening, showcasing seasonal delicacies and unique flavor combinations.
The Most Expensive Restaurant in New York City for a Fine Dining
  • Reservations: Masa is a highly sought-after dining destination, and securing a reservation can be challenging. Evening slots tend to be more available than lunchtime.

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Dress Code for Masa

The dress code for Masa is formal and elegant. Since Masa is an upscale restaurant, guests are expected to dress appropriately. Here are some guidelines:

  • Gentlemen: A suit jacket or blazer is recommended along with a collared shirt. While not mandatory, a tie adds to the formal look. Opt for leather dress shoes.
  • Ladies: A knee-length or longer cocktail dress is suitable. One can also go for an elegant top paired with a skirt or dress pants. Choose dressy heels or closed-toe pumps.
  • Avoid: Jeans, sneakers, and T-shirts are not appropriate. Overly revealing outfits are also not advised because Masa maintains a refined atmosphere.

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Other Expensive Restaurants in New York City

  • Le Bernardin: Helmed by Maguy Le Coze and the multi-award-winning chef Eric Ripert, Le Bernardin is a four-star restaurant known for its top-notch seafood. The freshest fish is prepared using simple techniques to highlight its best qualities. The prix-fixe menus include courses like “Almost Raw,” “Barely Touched,” and “Lightly Cooked.” Prices range from $195 for a four-course prix-fixe to $295 for the chef’s tasting menu.
The Most Expensive Restaurant in New York City for a Fine Dining
  • Casa Cruz: Although not as widely known, Casa Cruz is an exclusive restaurant in Manhattan where celebrities and the wealthy pay $500 a plate to dine next to original artworks by Warhol and Botero. The founder, Juan Santa Cruz, has created a luxurious and unique dining experience.
  • Balthazar: While not the most expensive, Balthazar is a renowned restaurant serving traditional bistro fare. Located at 80 Spring St, it offers a delightful dining experience with a mix of French and American cuisine. The ambiance and menu make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.
  • The River Café: Although not in Manhattan, The River Café in Brooklyn deserves mention. It has been celebrated with numerous accolades, including a Michelin Star. The restaurant offers stunning views of downtown Manhattan, the East River, and the Statue of Liberty. The tasting menu starts at $195 for a four-course prix-fixe and goes up to $295 for the chef’s tasting menu.

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Masa is not just a restaurant; it’s an artistic culinary journey where every detail matters. If you’re a sushi aficionado and appreciate the finest ingredients prepared by a master chef, Masa is an unforgettable destination. Also, remember that reservations are essential for these upscale restaurants, and many have strict cancellation policies. If you’re looking for a memorable dining experience, any of these establishments will surely deliver!

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