The Best Burgers in the Sunshine State Are Found at This Family-Owned Eatery

Nothing tastes better than a juicy burger. The flavor-packed sandwich has been an American favorite for years, and many people like burying their teeth into it. A typical dinner is complete with fries and a drink to wash it all down. Fortunately, there are numerous restaurants that provide this classic snack, ranging from ancient businesses and small diners to recognized restaurants.

24/7 Wall Street just revealed the greatest places to eat burgers in each state. To produce their list, writers searched nationally famous websites such as Food & Wine, Eater, and Yelp, as well as local ones.

According to its website, Thee Burger Spot serves Florida’s greatest burgers! This acclaimed eatery captivated the nation’s attention with its delectable dishes. Here’s why the writers chose this longtime spot:

“Thee Burger Spot is a family-owned restaurant that is proud to serve the local community, including Tampa Bay Buccaneers athletes. The restaurant serves basic burgers with typical toppings as well as ‘gourmet burgers’ made with a variety of wild ingredients. They even serve a pizza burger and a bacon cheeseburger on two Krispy Kreme glazed donut buns.”

This eatery is located at 3917 N Tampa Street in Tampa.

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