The 6 Safest Places to Live in Ohio

Ohio, located on Lake Erie’s southwestern coast, borders Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan. From the Ohio State Buckeyes to the Browns and Bengals, the renowned swing state is famous for its football, some of the best chili recipes, and being the birthplace of the Wright Brothers.

Above all, it’s regarded as an ideal location for raising a family. This is because some of the safest places to live in Ohio are also among the friendliest and most beautiful in the country.

Broadview Heights

The 6 Safest Places to Live in Ohio

Here it is, the safest area to live in Ohio! Broadview Heights is Cleveland’s number one suburb, with 19,242 residents. The city’s crime rate is just 110 per 100,000 citizens. This figure places the area 95% below the statewide average. The median home value is approximately $317,600, making it far from inexpensive.

However, with an extremely high-rated school system and a thriving community theatrical scene, the cost of living is not surprising. Regardless, Broadview Heights is unquestionably the safest location to reside in Ohio.

Sagamore Hills

Sagamore Hills in Summit County is the second safest location in the state, with a crime rate of approximately 35.7 per 100,000, which is 91% lower than the national average.

Aside from its safety, Sagamore Hills is one of the most beautiful areas to reside in Ohio. Situated on the boundaries of Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the city of around 11,000 residents offers a choice of outdoor activities for the nature fan!

Olmsted Falls

The 6 Safest Places to Live in Ohio

Olmstead Falls, like North Ridgeville, has a crime rate 83% lower than the state average. However, this Cuyahoga County community ranks third with 360 per 100,000 residents. Olmstead Falls, home to the historic neighborhood of Grand Pacific Junction, is rich in 19th-century Ohio history.

Olmstead Falls, located near Cleveland, has a typical family income of $81,153. This makes it both one of the safest and most cheap cities.

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North Ridgeville

Riddell’s production facility is located in the city of North Ridgeville, Lorain County. This is where both NCAA and NFL equipment are manufactured. North Ridgeville, with its various parks and scenic recreation places, has a population of 35,380 and a crime rate of 363 per 100,000. The city is one of the safest in Ohio, with a crime rate 83% lower than the state average.

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Rock River

The 6 Safest Places to Live in Ohio

Rocky River, much larger than Waterville, is a beautiful city that runs along the shores of Lake Erie. With a typical house price of $216,000, the city is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The lakeside city offers boat and kayak access, as well as well-maintained, attractive hiking paths for all types of adventurers.

Nonetheless, it is a moderately sized city, with a population of 21,755. Despite the higher population, the crime rate is 78% lower than the Ohio average, at 470 per 100,000 persons.


The 6 Safest Places to Live in Ohio

Welcome to the Interurban Bridge’s official home! This piece of history was built in Waterville in 1908 as an important element of the town’s growth. Nonetheless, the area’s history is just one of the reasons it is ranked sixth on this list. With a crime rate of 517 per 100,000 inhabitants in a town of barely 6,000, Waterville is one of the safest towns in not only Ohio but the entire country. Waterville is located in Lucas County, near Toledo.

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Ohio, especially in areas like Broadview Heights, Sagamore Hills, Olmsted Falls, North Ridgeville, Rocky River, and Waterville, offers a combination of safety, natural beauty, and cultural richness. With crime rates significantly below the state average, these communities provide secure environments, top-notch schools, and diverse recreational opportunities, making Ohio an ideal place for families seeking a safe and vibrant lifestyle.


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