5 Most Wealthy and Richest Counties in Alaska

Some of the best areas to live in Alaska are also the wealthiest, however, none are in the top ten nationally. Alaska’s typical household income is $94,271, and the poverty rate is relatively low. As described below, these variables contribute to wealth in Alaska’s richest counties.

While it’s useful to know the wealthiest counties in the country, breaking it down allows you to see the wealthiest areas in each state. Here are Alaska’s richest counties, according to the overall wealth index.

Skagway Municipality

With an average median income of $75,000 and investment income of $14,008, the area’s overall wealth index is 35.33. This makes Skagway Municipality Alaska’s richest county. Skagway is located in the eastern section of Alaska, in the Panhandle.

5 Most Wealthy and Richest Counties in Alaska

As of April 1, 2020, Skagway’s population was 1,240, according to the population census. More than 92% of Skagway’s population of those 25 and older graduated from high school, and the average household size is less than three, making it Alaska’s wealthiest county.

Sarah Palin, an American politician and novelist, hails from the Skagway Municipality, where her family relocated when she was a baby. She served as the 9th Governor of Alaska, Chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, and Mayor of Wasilla.

Sitka City & Borough

Alaska’s second-richest area has an overall wealth index of 33.01. They have a median household income of $82,083, investment income of $32,176, and a median property value of $481,450. This area is Alaska’s second richest, with a 2020 population of 8,458 and more than 95% of individuals over 25 holding high school graduates.

5 Most Wealthy and Richest Counties in Alaska

Sitka City and Borough is located on the west side of Baranof Island in southeast Alaska. It is the only county in the area that overlooks the Gulf of Alaska, thus many visitors want to see the view.

For nearly 40 years, John Straley, a poet, and award-winning mystery novelist, called Sitka, Alaska home. Some of his works include the books “Cold Storage” and “Blown by the Same Wind”.

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Juneau City and Borough

With a median income of $90,126, an investment income of $32,403, and a median house value of $467,869, this area’s overall wealth index is 32.90. According to the 2020 census, Juneau City and Borough has a population of 32,255 people. With high house values, graduation rates, and median earnings, this region is the third wealthiest in the state.

5 Most Wealthy and Richest Counties in Alaska

Juneau is Alaska’s capital, located on the Gastineau Channel in the state’s southeast. It is located at the base of Mount Roberts and Mount Juneau, separated from the Pacific Ocean by 75 miles of islands.

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Anchorage Municipality

Anchorage Municipality’s median income is $88,871, with an investment income of $35,340. Furthermore, the median home value is $368,931, which raises the whole wealth index to 30.55.

Anchorage Municipality has a population of 291,247, accounting for 40% of the state’s total. There are 107,134 households, with more than 83% of residents having resided in the same place for more than a year.

Furthermore, more than 94% of persons over the age of 25 have completed high school, with 37% holding a bachelor’s degree or above. These facts contribute to Anchorage Municipality’s ranking as Alaska’s fourth richest. Anchorage Municipality is located on a peninsula in southcentral Alaska, near the Cook Inlet endpoint.

5 Most Wealthy and Richest Counties in Alaska

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Aleutians West Census Area

With a median income of $90,708 and an investment income of $31,560, this area’s wealth index is 30.54. According to the 2020 population census, there are 5,232 people living there, with a median house worth of $377,100, making it one of Alaska’s richest counties.

5 Most Wealthy and Richest Counties in Alaska

The Aleutians West Census Area is located in the Bering Sea in southwestern Alaska. It is one of the state’s most isolated areas, encompassing the Aleutian Island chain and the Pribolof Islands.

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Alaska’s wealthiest counties showcase the state’s prosperity, with Skagway Municipality topping the list, boasting an overall wealth index of 35.33. Sitka City & Borough, Juneau City and Borough, Anchorage Municipality, and Aleutians West Census Area also feature prominently, reflecting high median incomes, robust investment earnings, and elevated property values. These regions exemplify Alaska’s financial affluence and attractive living standards.

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