The Most Terrifying and Creepiest Ghost Town in Alaska

Portlock, Alaska was a census-designated town located on the southern tip of Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. This town was formerly thriving, with an active cannery scene. The majority of items produced in Portlock were canned salmon, and the residents lived quietly by the ocean.

However, the village has been abandoned—and you won’t believe why. Discover why Portlock is one of the most terrifying ghost towns on the earth.

Sudden Changes

The Most Terrifying and Creepiest Ghost Town in Alaska

Portlock was formerly a popular town that played an important part in Alaska’s canning industry. The area was well known for its fish. The town was named after Nathaniel Portlock, a British ship captain who docked in the area in 1786. For decades, the town’s residents produced canned products and lived peacefully. In fact, the neighborhood had a post office in 1921, indicating a large presence of residents.

However, in the 1940s and 1950s, Portlock people hurriedly packed their bags and departed town. The scenery was stunning, and the fish were plentiful, so the fast departure from Portlock made no sense. Unless there was a mystery involved!

A Town Disturbance

According to reports, Portlock people departed the picturesque hamlet in the mid-1900s due to an unsolved murder. According to reports, a man died from a single ax blow. It didn’t make sense how or why somebody would kill someone in that way, and the population became concerned about the unknowns.

The Most Terrifying and Creepiest Ghost Town in Alaska

A Mysterious Creature Spotted

One day, a group of men were hunting in the woods when they noticed strangely enormous tracks in the ground. Keep in mind that these people grew up in the woods and are very comfortable identifying animals in and around town. However, these imprints were so big and unrecognizable that a tale began to emerge: a creature lived in these forests.

Over time, the footprints became more numerous, correlating with killings and other strange occurrences. The Alutiiq referred to the unnamed beast as a “nantiinaq,” which means “half-man, half-beast.”

Soon after the initial encounter, residents began to see the beast for themselves! Nantiinaq sightings were growing more common, and with each sighting, the community’s sense of disquiet became stronger. Families were becoming increasingly terrified with each passing day.

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Body Recovery

When the nantiinaq sightings began, other strange things began to occur. For example, remains were discovered in a nearby lagoon with unidentified marks. Remember that the folks of Portlock lived off the land and were intimately aware of the creatures in the area. The markings could only be explained by a creature that was larger than life: the nantiinaq.

The frequency of nantiinaq sightings, combined with inexplicable injuries, forced many to flee the area throughout the 1950s. The post office closed in 1951, and the residents abandoned the town completely.

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Trust the Locals

The Most Terrifying and Creepiest Ghost Town in Alaska

Locals in nearby communities believe the rumors about Portlock are real. They avoid visiting the town because of its spooky history! As a result, the land remains virtually abandoned.

Odd Census Reporting

Interestingly, Portlock took part in a census count in both 1940 and 1980. According to the census report, Portlock had exactly 31 people in 1940 and 1980. By 1990, it had lost its census-designated place status and received no further reports.

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A Visitor From the 1970s

A storm apparently hit the area in the 1970s, and a fisherman halted at Portlock to seek refuge. While sheltering, he saw a strange creature wandering through the camp. They left instantly as a result of the incident. Its description was quite similar to that of previous nantiinaq sightings.

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Can You Visit Portlock Today?

While there has been some work to revive Portlock as a census-designated place, the town remains difficult to reach due to its remote position. Nearby towns include Seldovia, Chrome, and Port Chatham. It’s difficult to get to Portlock, and even if you could, would you want to? What are your thoughts on the scary tales of the Bigfoot of Alaska?

However, there are plenty of places to visit in Alaska that are not haunted. If you’re planning a trip to the US’s northernmost state, make sure to visit Juneau, Kodiak, and the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

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