NY County Executive Sues State AG Over Transgender Athlete Ban Repeal

Bruce Blakeman, a New York businessman, filed a lawsuit to prevent state Attorney General Letitia James from rescinding an order prohibiting transgender women and girls from participation in county-run activities.

The action, filed on Tuesday in the Eastern District of New York, is on behalf of Nassau County and local residents, including a 16-year-old female volleyball player and her parents.

NY County Executive Sues State AG Over Transgender Athlete Ban Repeal

Last Monday, James asked that Blakeman immediately reverse his executive order, claiming that the ban on transgender athletes is a “clear violation” of state law. James issued Blakeman a cease-and-desist letter, threatening further legal action if he did not withdraw the order within five days.

In their case, the plaintiffs claim that “it is undeniable” that men have received more recognition and chances than women. While women’s sports have achieved “tremendous progress,” they contend that allowing biological males to compete alongside biological females “erases all of the hard-earned progress” and creates an “unsafe and dangerous environment.”

In a post on X, the site formerly known as Twitter, Blakeman stated that he filed the case “on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of women and girls in Nassau County” to defend “women’s sports and ensure a safe environment for women.”

“Bullying of women and girls will not be tolerated!” his message said.

In a news conference at the end of February, Blakeman stated that transgender athletes, regardless of gender identity, can compete in Nassau County’s all-boys or coed leagues.

The executive order covers over 100 public places, including parks, baseball fields, basketball courts, swimming pools, and ice rinks. The plaintiffs sought the court to enjoin Blakeman’s executive order and deem it lawful.


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