Donald Trump Labeled a “Psycho” by George Conway, Causing GOP Turmoil

Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George Conway, appeared on an MSNBC panel and referred to Donald Trump as a maniac who is driving voters away from the GOP.

With the North Carolina Republican Party electing Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson as their gubernatorial contender, a politician who has rejected the Holocaust and waxed nostalgic about the days when women could not vote, many on the MSNBC panel are concerned that this is the new norm for Republican candidates.

“The problem for Donald Trump, George, is Donald Trump picked a lot of these candidates before,” said Joy Reid, an anchor at CNN. “You could say that in Arizona, Pennsylvania, or wherever, Dr. Oz. They just kept losing, whether it was for the Senate or Governor. They operate statewide. When you move beyond the MAGA base, people generally don’t want them. Now they are doing it again in North Carolina.”

“That’s right,” Conway agreed. “He created the demand for more of these people.”

“He created the demand for the Kari Lakes of the world and Lauren Boebert, for Marjorie Taylor Greene and for this guy in North Carolina now,” Conway went on to say.

“And then, you know, the conservative media really amps that up. And what you’ve got is a smaller Republican, hardline base that is growing increasingly disconnected from reality and less capable of attracting the voters required to win a general, national election,” he added.

“And we saw those two voters that we — that you showed, the two female North Carolina Nikki Haley voters.”

“I mean, the point I was making before that break was that those — they may not show up for Donald Trump,” he said. “They won’t be enthusiastic about Donald Trump. Even if they say they can’t vote for Biden, that’s the point.”

“There’s going to be a huge turnout difference and a large number of people who are going to flip because there are going to be a lot of Republicans out this fall saying, Trump is dangerous, Trump is a psycho.”

Conway has been openly critical of his wife’s previous boss.

As previously reported by OK!, he said that Trump would declare bankruptcy in order to postpone paying the $355 million plus interest penalty given by Judge Arthur Engoron in the New York civil fraud verdict.

According to the anti-Trump political expert, “the odds of this happening are fairly high.”

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