St. Pete Man Intentionally Rams Car in Culver’s Drive-thru, Drags Victim

According to an affidavit, a guy from St. Petersburg was detained earlier this week after purposely ramming his vehicle into a Culver’s drive-thru and striking a victim.

On Monday, the St. Petersburg Police Department responded to a Culver’s restaurant at 1451 34th Street North, where investigators said Sean Michael Drake, 37, purposely rear-ended a car many times while driving through.

According to the complaint, Drake became irritated with the car in front of him and began yelling at a woman and her boyfriend, prompting him to rear-end the car.

The guy exited the automobile and walked to Drake’s car. The suspect accelerated and struck him with the front of his vehicle, causing him to land on the hood and be dragged across the Culver’s parking lot.

According to the affidavit, the victim tumbled off the bonnet of the car before Drake drove onto a main street, striking a person and causing minor injuries before fleeing the scene.

The affidavit stated that Drake’s vehicle had scratches on the front drive-side bumper, while the victim’s vehicle had crimping on the driver-side rear bumper.

When officers came to Drake’s house and attempted to arrest him, he tightened up, cried “No,” and fled. Drake was tased and attempted to bury his hands underneath his body before being handcuffed. He also refused to submit to a breath test when officials noted his bloodshot and watery eyes.

Drake faces allegations of aggravated violence with a dangerous weapon and resisting arrest. The affidavit stated that drinking appeared to be a factor.

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