Americans Are Shifting to These 7 Fastest-Growing Counties in Oklahoma

Americans are leaving big cities for rural towns and counties across. Many want cheaper housing and a better lifestyle. Many Oklahoma counties have seen population growth. It makes sense given the state’s low crime, affordable housing, and excellent schools. Are you considering moving to one of these state areas? See our 7 fastest-growing Oklahoma counties.

Canadian County

Canadian County emerged as the fastest-growing over 10 years. In 2022, Canadian County was the fourth most populous county in the state with 169,149 residents. This area has the biggest population growth, up 38% from 2012 to 2022.

Americans Are Shifting to These 7 Fastest-Growing Counties in Oklahoma

The Canadian River borders the south of the county, hence its name. Canadian County’s proximity to Oklahoma City is a major cause of the growth. The county is west of the big metropolis, so residents can work there and commute home. Many individuals like Canadian County’s quality of life. The neighborhood offers cultural and outdoor activities.

McClain County

McClain County is second in Oklahoma’s fastest-growing counties. This county is in south-central Oklahoma. In 2012–2022, the population grew by 27%. New US Census Bureau statistics puts the population as 45,306. New residents like its proximity to Norman and Oklahoma City.

Many newcomers like a quieter lifestyle outside major cities but can quickly reach big-city services like hospitals and work opportunities. McClain County is known for its good schools and community. The county also has several beautiful scenery.

Americans Are Shifting to These 7 Fastest-Growing Counties in Oklahoma

Logan County

Logan County has welcomed more residents during the past decade. The 2022 census counted 51,933. Population growth has been constant in Logan County. Again, this county’s proximity to major cities is a huge draw. This county is 30 miles north of downtown Oklahoma City.

Residents have much to enjoy in the region. Logan County’s county seat, Guthrie, has many late 1800s and early 1900s buildings. Historic buildings enhance the city’s appeal. Logan County has a strong Western and cowboy culture.

Countywide activities include rodeos and country music concerts. The county is home to Langston University, the state’s sole historically black college.

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RankCountyPopulation Percent Increase Between 2012 – 2022
1.Canadian County38.11%
2.McClain County27.30%
3.Logan County20.63%
4.Wagoner County15.55%
5.Cleveland County12.56%
6.Rogers County12.19%
7.Bryan County10.88%

Wagoners County

Wagoner County, created in 1907 in northeast Oklahoma, has a rich history. Population increase has been strong in the county. From 2012 to 2022, the population rose 15%. Several factors are driving interest in this county.

Americans Are Shifting to These 7 Fastest-Growing Counties in Oklahoma

First, Wagoner County lies east of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s largest city. Many folks who don’t wish to live in a densely crowded location can commute easily. Wagoner County has more affordable homes. Access to Lake Fort Gibson is another benefit of the county. Residents may fish, swim, and boat on Lake Fort Gibson, one of the state’s largest lakes.

Cleveland County

Cleveland County has long drawn families seeking a good quality of life. In 2022, the county had 299,587 residents. This represents a 12% population increase in ten years. Several reasons make this county appealing to people. Norman is a major draw to Cleveland County.

Norman, the third-most populous city in the state, has wonderful schools, museums, and more. Cleveland County also houses Oklahoma University. Natural beauty abounds in this county. On hot summer days, residents can swim and cool down at Lake Thunderbird.

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Rogers County

Americans Are Shifting to These 7 Fastest-Growing Counties in Oklahoma

Rogers County is attracting many newcomers. Rogers County’s population grew 12% from 2012 to 2022. The 2022 census counted 98,836 people. Since it was Cooweescoowee, this county has a rich history.

However, complaints led to the name change to Rogers County, after Cherokee rancher Clem Vann Rogers, father of actor, screenwriter, and comedian Will Rogers. Due to its proximity to Tulsa, people have come here for years.

Some residents were sold on Rogers County when they saw its picturesque environment. The natural beauty of Lake Oologah and its surroundings attracts many newcomers.

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Bryan County

Americans Are Shifting to These 7 Fastest-Growing Counties in Oklahoma

Bryan County honors Democratic presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan. Bryan helped write the 1907 Oklahoma Constitution. The 2022 census counted 48,182 county residents. The county’s population grew 10% during ten years.

This county attracts many new inhabitants because it includes rural and suburban areas. Some individuals commute to Durant, the county’s major city, yet the county has many jobs. The county lies near Lake Texoma. One of the largest reservoirs in the US, Lake Texoma attracts tourists every year.

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Many Americans are relocating from big cities to faster-growing counties in Oklahoma like Canadian, McClain, and Logan counties due to affordable housing, low crime rates, and quality lifestyle. Proximity to major cities, good schools, and scenic attractions are key factors driving this population shift.

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