Visit the Fox Theatre to Catch the Best Live Music in Georgia

In your childhood, your grandma might have taken you to see The Nutcracker at the Fox Theatre around Christmas, which became the first recollections of visiting Atlanta. The edifice itself was quite mesmerizing, not the dancers or the music.

Visit the Fox Theatre to Catch the Best Live Music in Georgia

The front, which had arabesque motifs and pointed arches, was unlike anything one had seen in Savannah growing up. Then, you would have entered the enormous auditorium after passing through the magnificently adorned lobby, which had marble columns, sumptuous gold leaf, and delicate mosaics.

The theater has also grabbed the hearts of Southern Living readers, who named it the greatest music venue in Georgia in the 2024 South’s Greatest Awards.

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The History of Fox Theatre

It was originally intended to serve as a Yaarab Shriners temple, but funding ran out. In a dramatic turn of events, William Fox’s production business leased the auditorium and transformed it into one of history’s most remarkable theaters.

Visit the Fox Theatre to Catch the Best Live Music in Georgia

Its crown jewel is one of the world’s largest Möller organs, known as “Mighty Mo,” which is used for sing-alongs before summer shows. On Christmas Day, 1929, the Fox opened its doors with a screening of Steamboat Willie, presenting a light of optimism in the aftermath of the stock market disaster.

For decades, it was the venue to see movies, concerts, and fine art shows. But by the 1960s, the Fox was struggling as the downtown area deteriorated and outlying theaters gained popularity. However, locals refused to let it slip into obscurity.

Concerned residents banded together in 1974 to form a group dedicated to preserving the site’s architectural and historical significance. Through their huge fundraising efforts, the Fox was resurrected and restored to its former beauty. As the venue prepares for its centennial, work continues on tasks such as repairing the turquoise onion dome on the roof.

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Fox Today

Visit the Fox Theatre to Catch the Best Live Music in Georgia

Some of you might have seen concerts ranging from Erykah Badu to Thom Yorke of Radiohead throughout the years, and each one has been enhanced by the fact that it took place there. Ask any Atlantan, and they will agree.

The Fox Theatre is a vital part of the city’s history and identity, and as long as its heritage lives on, it will brighten the cultural landscape for future generations.

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