7 Finest Restaurants in Florida to Enjoy the Best Key Lime Pies

Texas has sheet cake, Mississippi has mud pie, but Florida’s dessert is centered on the tiny but formidable Key lime. Key limes are smaller and slightly sweeter than regular or Persian limes, and they are the star of Florida’s most popular sweet dessert, Key lime pie.

While the Florida Keys are most known for Key lime pie (for obvious reasons), the dish is popular throughout the state. Here are the ten finest places in Florida to get a slice, according to our readers.

Kermit’s Key West Lime Shoppe; Key West

7 Finest Restaurants in Florida to Enjoy the Best Key Lime Pies

While there is much disagreement about who invented Key lime pie and who makes it best, Kermit’s offers something that many other pie establishments do not. In addition to selling sliced and whole pies (and a variety of other key lime-infused items such as jams, oils, sauces, and more), they are well-known for their frozen chocolate-covered key lime bars.

Choose between slices dipped in Belgian-style dark or white chocolate. Kermit’s has two Key West locations and offers countrywide overnight shipping, so you’ll be on island time faster than you can say “key lime.”

Joe’s Stone Crab; Miami Beach

7 Finest Restaurants in Florida to Enjoy the Best Key Lime Pies

Joe Weiss first launched Joe’s Stone Crab as a little lunch restaurant on Miami Beach in 1913. Miami and Joe’s have undergone significant changes during the last century.

One thing that has not altered is the restaurant’s dedication to providing good meals and courteous service. You may still expect the freshest seafood (including legendary stone crab claws) and an outstanding slice of Key lime pie.

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Blue Heaven; Key West

Blue Heaven’s quirky terrace offers an island hideaway. Take a seat under a canopy of palm fronds, surrounded by unique art and the sounds of live music. Then sit in for a sumptuous supper.

7 Finest Restaurants in Florida to Enjoy the Best Key Lime Pies

Whether you come for a robust breakfast of Eggs Benedict, a refreshing lunch of Yellowtail Snapper Salad, or a savory supper of Caribbean “BBQ” Shrimp, all meals should be finished with a slice of Blue Heaven’s famed Key lime pie.

The recipe is perfect: a buttery graham cracker crust, a creamy filling made with sweetened condensed milk and tart fresh-squeezed lime juice, and a generous layer of meringue.

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The Fishhouse; Key Largo

7 Finest Restaurants in Florida to Enjoy the Best Key Lime Pies

The Fish House has received numerous distinctions throughout the years, including people’s choice awards for the Best Seafood Restaurant and Best Overall Restaurant in the Upper Keys. Florida Living Magazine also called it the best place to eat key lime pie. The popular restaurant creates its classic Key lime pie in-house every day, so you’ll always get a fresh slice, no matter what day of the week you go.

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Lorelei Restaurant and Cabana Bar; Islamorada

There is no finer view than viewing the sunset over the lake at Lorelei. You’ll know you’ve arrived at the bayside restaurant when you see the gigantic mermaid at Mile Marker 82 on Highway

1. Order three items when you go: 1) Lorelai’s World Famous Fish Sandwich; 2) A Lorelei Sunset (a fruity cocktail prepared with tangerine-infused vodka); and 3) Lorelei’s World Famous “Frozen” Key Lime Pie.

The restaurant also serves a regular version, however, the “frozen” is highly recommended. The variation offers a whipped and creamy base that is less sour than the original Key lime pie. The dish is topped with mango sauce and whipped cream.

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Pepe’s Café; Key West

As the oldest restaurant in the Florida Keys and the second oldest in the state, Pepe’s is doing something right. If you go for breakfast or brunch, you may anticipate a screwdriver or mimosa with freshly squeezed juice.

If you order a salad, the dressing is prepared in-house. And if you order a slice of Key lime pie, you know it’s made with the same recipe as when the restaurant first opened in 1909. The filling is light and creamy, the crust is wonderfully crumbly, and the whipped cream is the ideal topping.

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Sister Honey’s Bakery; Orlando

7 Finest Restaurants in Florida to Enjoy the Best Key Lime Pies

While most people believe Key lime pie originated in the Florida Keys, several other sites claim the recipe. So it’s no surprise that locations outside of that wonderful stretch of Highway 1 excel in making the dessert.

At Sister Honey’s in Orlando, you may taste a variation created by a National Pie Champion. Sister Honey’s pies include coconut cream, lemon icebox, orange creamsicle, and peanut butter satin. Each is a piece of art.

The Key lime pie has 100% Key lime juice, a graham cracker crust, fresh whipped cream, and berries for garnish.


Florida’s dessert scene revolves around the iconic Key lime pie, with top spots like Kermit’s Key West Lime Shoppe in Key West and Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami Beach offering delightful variations. Blue Heaven, The Fishhouse, Lorelei Restaurant, Pepe’s Café, and Sister Honey’s Bakery also showcase their own unique takes on this tangy treat, ensuring a sweet experience across the Sunshine State.

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