After owner’s passing, 15-year-old Johnson County cafe bids farewell

Cozy’s Cafe, an Overland Park eatery that has been serving clients for 15 years, has closed. One of the cafe’s owners, Albert Kreka, died in October. His family chose to close the restaurant months later, according to his son Klajdi Kreka.

Cozy’s, located at 6740 W. 75th St., had its final meal on February 13. “He led by example with his hard work and dedication to, not only the business, but his family, which was his main priority,” she said.

Albert’s wife and café co-owner, Kozeta Kreka (“Cozy”), said on social media that her husband’s death rendered it “impossible to continue” managing the eatery. “This has been a very difficult and emotional decision and we are so sad to say goodbye,” the statement goes on to add.

“Of course, we give immeasurable thanks to everyone who has dined with us, whether you’ve been dining with us for years or just now found us.” Customers quickly inundated the cafe’s social media page with messages of support.

After owner's passing, 15-year-old Johnson County cafe bids farewell
After owner's passing, 15-year-old Johnson County cafe bids farewell

“Cozy, you and your family have given us a lot. “Thank you for years of service and making us feel special and welcome,” one person remarked. Another: “Cozy!” My heart breaks for you and your family. I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. So many great memories over the years, as well as incredible meals and chats.”

Kozeta and Klajdi’s Greek restaurant, Paros Estiatorio, will remain open at 10561 Mission Road in Leawood’s Mission Farms.

Cozy’s served European and American cuisine dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including pumpkin pancakes, lasagna, meatloaf, and creme brulee. Sarah Gish, a former food reporter for the Star, enthused about the cafe’s baklava after visiting in 2013. “Take one flaky bite of the sweet layered pastry, made with honey and chopped walnuts, and you’ll see why the recipe was handed down like an heirloom through three generations of Kreka’s family,” she said in an email.

Before it closed, Cozy’s dining area was decorated with fresh flowers and paintings of Venice canals. Cappuccinos were served in glasses with saucers, with complex designs swirled in milk foam. Kozeta and Albert grew up in Albania and have been married for forty years.

Kozeta started cooking at the age of five, learning from her mother. “When you love what you do, it makes a big difference,” she told The Star in 2013. Paros Estiatorio, which launched in 2019, serves tortellini, moussaka, filet mignon, and Chilean sea bass for supper.

Kladji encouraged Cozy’s fans to try the Leawood restaurant. “Many clients from Cozy’s have contacted us. Many of them have recently visited us merely to meet my mother or to have lunch,” Kladji said.

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