5 Best National Landmarks to Visit in Arkansas

Arkansas is a historically and culturally rich state. Whether you live in the state or are planning a trip there soon, you may be wondering which National Historic Landmarks are worth visiting. Although each one is distinct and significant in its own way, some stand out above the rest. Here are six of Arkansas’s greatest National Historic Landmarks that you simply must visit.

Bath House Row

Bathhouse Row is an important National Historic Landmark in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. Hot Springs National Park is well-known for its natural hot springs, which many people think have medical properties. This site’s history dates back to the 1800s when tourism around these natural springs became popular.

Many people came in the hopes that the particular waters would heal them of their ailments. However, as modern medicine advanced, this sector began to decrease precipitously. By the mid-1900s, the hoopla around this area had subsided dramatically. Despite this, Bathhouse Row remains a popular tourist site today. There are multiple bathhouses on this property, and people come here now for the rich history as well as for a peaceful spa day.

5 Best National Landmarks to Visit in Arkansas

Starting Point of the Louisiana Purchase Land Survey

    The Louisiana Purchase is an incredible piece of American history. Without this occurrence, 530,000,000 acres of the country we know today would not be part of the union. The Louisiana Purchase Historic State Park, near Brinkley, Arkansas, serves as the starting place for reviewing the territory purchased through this transaction.

    According to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, “Following the War of 1812, President James Monroe ordered the surveying of the Louisiana Purchase, which was added to the United States in 1803, but had not yet been fully surveyed.” Prospect Robbins and Joseph Brown completed the survey, which began with the Fifth Meridian. Their survey is the basis for land classifications into sections, townships, and ranges.”

    5 Best National Landmarks to Visit in Arkansas

    Rohwer Relocation Center Memorial Cemetery

    World War II was a turbulent period for the United States of America. Tensions were exceptionally high, and multiple Japanese detention camps were established across the country following the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Rohwer War Relocation Center was located in Desha County, Arkansas.

    Many of the locations on the site are still open to the public, however some have been left poor or abandoned. Despite this, this area is nevertheless rich in history, and both World War II historians and casual visitors will find the Rohwer War Relocation Center to be extremely educational. In 1992, the cemetery on site was designated a National Historic Landmark.

    Camden Expedition Sites

    The Camden Expedition was a Union campaign during the Civil War. The purpose of this operation was to take control of Confederate-controlled areas in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. However, this was a resounding disaster, with the union suffering numerous casualties as a result. Camden Expedition Sites can be found throughout Arkansas, including Pulaski, Nevada, Clark, Hempstead, Ouachita, Cleveland, and Grant counties.

    5 Best National Landmarks to Visit in Arkansas

    Toltec Mounds Site

    The Toltec Mounds Site in Arkansas contains rich archeological evidence of ancient Native American civilization. The mounds here were excavated gradually over several decades. Researchers have reported that each dig has yielded fascinating new results. The Arkansas Archaeological Survey states, “Arkansas acquired the Toltec site in 1975 and added it to the state’s Parks system.”

    Arkansas Parks and Tourism formed a partnership with the Arkansas Archeological Survey to establish a research station at the park and tasked the survey with planning and carrying out research to reveal the age and purpose of the grand site, as well as the story of the people who built and used it.” Today, countless people visit this monument each year to immerse themselves in the rich history it provides.


    Arkansas boasts a wealth of National Historic Landmarks, each offering unique insights into the state’s rich history. From the therapeutic waters of Bath House Row to the significant sites of the Louisiana Purchase and the Civil War, these landmarks offer immersive experiences for history enthusiasts and casual visitors alike, promising a journey through time and culture.


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