Season of High Cockroach Infestation in Tennessee

Cockroaches aren’t the most popular house guests. The majority of people, including Tennessee residents, would prefer not to share their homes with these creepy crawlies. Cockroaches can bring a variety of diseases, including typhoid and salmonella, so you have solid reasons to avoid them in your house. Roaches are adaptive and resilient, and they often interfere with your daily life.

Here we’ll look at how these insects behave throughout the year. When is the cockroach season in Tennessee, and how can you keep them out of your home? Let’s have a closer look.

What kind of cockroaches live in Tennessee?

Around 4,500 different species of cockroaches exist globally, with approximately 70 of these found in the United States. Cockroaches are part of the Blattaria order. They have been on Earth for nearly 300 million years (much older than humans), and just about 25 species are considered pests. The others play an important part in their ecosystems and are not a nuisance to humans.

In the Tennessee area, there are four major varieties of cockroaches:

  • Brown-banded cockroaches grow to about half an inch long and are dark brown with a distinctive yellow banding on the abdomen.
  • The American cockroach can grow to be more than an inch long and is red-brown in appearance.
  • Adult German cockroaches are about half an inch long, pale brown, and have two dark stripes on their thorax.
  • Oriental cockroaches are uniformly dark brown or black and can grow to be more than an inch long.
Season of High Cockroach Infestation in Tennessee

When is cockroach season in Tennessee?

A ‘cockroach season’ is when you may expect to see a lot of these insects. In colder areas, roach activity slows throughout the winter as they hide or die. Roaches, on the other hand, can be active all year in Tennessee due to the state’s temperate climate.

The Tennessee winters are not chilly enough to deter cockroaches. However, cockroach season in Tennessee would still be in the summer because they prefer the increased heat and humidity. Furthermore, because the state has a diverse topography, there is a wide range of environmental factors that influence cockroach behavior.

Is it common to find roaches in Tennessee?

Unfortunately, Tennessee residents face their fair share of cockroach difficulties. Roaches prefer dark, wet, and food-rich environments, which is why they are drawn to our homes. As opportunistic feeders, they will eat nearly anything, but they prefer sweet and oily meals.

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Tips to Prevent Cockroaches

You can keep roaches out of your home by removing their food sources, keeping everything clean, decluttering, and performing regular building maintenance. Here are some great ways to avoid cockroaches in Tennessee:

  • Remove any leftover food from tables, work surfaces, and under appliances.
  • Clean up spills and remove liquids from sinks and dishes.
  • To prevent roaches from detecting food odors, store food in sealed containers.
  • Every day, empty your garbage cans that are positioned within the house.
  • Remove pet food bowls at the end of each day.
  • Decluttering is especially crucial; remove newspapers and cardboard.
  • Fill and seal fractures in walls, and inspect and repair pipes.

Final Thoughts

Because of Tennessee’s temperate climate, cockroach season is not as obvious as in other states. Roaches in this state are active year-round. However, the heat and humidity of Tennessee summers cause roaches to become more active. The microclimates throughout the state are variable, which influences roach activity.

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