Exploring the Richest Counties in Idaho

Idaho, located in the northwest United States, is a large state known for its wilderness areas, outdoor leisure opportunities, and breathtaking mountain scenery. There are plenty of natural resources in the “Gem State,” as it is known. It is the 14th largest state by land area, covering 83,569 square miles and containing 44 counties. Although none made the top ten list of the wealthiest counties in the United States, Idaho does have some nice areas to reside.

Blaine County

Idaho’s wealthiest county is Blaine County. Blaine County is located in the southcentral area and has a median income of $71,749. But its average home price is perhaps more telling: $862,566. This is nearly double the state’s average home value, which according to Zillow is $434,540.

The principal industry in Blaine County is tourism. In fact, the county is home to Sun Valley, a prominent ski resort. For decades, celebrities have visited the resort, which includes hiking trails, hot springs, wilderness regions, and natural lakes.

Exploring the Richest Counties in Idaho

Ernest Hemingway spent his final years at Ketchum, beside the Big Wood River. Hemingway is buried in the Ketchum Cemetery. Adam West and John Kerry are among the other well-known figures who have holiday homes in Ketchum. Demi Moore owns a home in Hailey, and several celebrities, like Mark Zuckerberg and Aaron Paul, live in Sun Valley. Sun Valley, Ketchum, and Hailey are among the top five most expensive mountain towns in the state.

Teton County

Teton County is second on our list of Idaho’s richest counties, with a median income of $75,837 and a median house value of $660,931. Teton County is in eastern Idaho and borders a county with the same name in Wyoming. Wyoming’s Teton County is one of the wealthiest in the country, and many Idaho residents commute to Wyoming for work.

Teton County, with its county seat in Driggs, is renowned as the quieter side of the Tetons. It is less touristy than Jackson, Wyoming, and Grand Teton National Park. People skiing at Grand Targhee Resort or visiting the park might go to the Idaho side at the end of the day for a more peaceful environment.

CountyMedian IncomeMedian Home ValuePrincipal Industry

Valley County

Valley County, located in the state’s west-central region, is third on our list of rural communities. Valley County has a median income of $67,528 and a median home value of $639,371. Valley County is sparsely inhabited, with only 12,000 people living on roughly 3,700 square miles of territory. The county was named for the Long Valley on the North Fork of the Payette River. It is also home to the famed Bergdorf Hot Springs.

Exploring the Richest Counties in Idaho

McCall, the main city, is set in the mountains and near to Payette Lake. McCall is known as a ski resort town, but it also has some luxury lakefront mansions. Former hockey star Wayne Gretzky owns a luxurious lakeside house in McCall.

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Ada County

Ada County has the highest population among the richest counties on our list. With almost 500,000 residents, it is the state’s most populated county. Ada’s major city and county seat is Boise. Ada County’s typical income is $75,115, and the median house value is just under half a million. The county’s major employer is St Luke’s Regional Medical Center, which has over 5,000 employees. George Kennedy, an Academy Award-winning actor, is one of the most famous Boise natives.

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Kootenai County

Exploring the Richest Counties in Idaho

Finally, Kootenai County, located in the state’s northwest region, is among the richest counties. Kootenai County, with a population of 179,789, is Idaho’s third most populated. It is also the largest city in the state’s northern region, accounting for roughly half of its total population. Kootenai has a median income of $64,936, and a median home value of $551,352.

Kootenai covers 1,300 square miles and includes 360,000 acres of National Forest, 18 lakes, and 56 miles of navigable rivers. The county’s primary industries are healthcare and retail. Coeur d’Alene, the main city, is well-known for its golf courses, lakeside water sports, and several hiking routes. The resort city has become a popular tourist destination for celebrities. In fact, Kim Kardashian purchased a $5 million vacation property in Harrison that overlooks the lake.

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Idaho’s diverse counties offer unique opportunities and lifestyles, with Blaine County leading as the wealthiest due to its thriving tourism industry and luxury real estate. Teton, Valley, Ada, and Kootenai counties also boast high median incomes and home values, reflecting their attractive attributes such as scenic landscapes, recreational amenities, and economic vitality.

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