Biden concedes to pro-Palestinian protesters, acknowledging their perspective

President Biden was interrupted by pro-Palestinian demonstrators during a speech in North Carolina on Tuesday, and he eventually admitted that they “have a point” about “care in Gaza.”

“What about the health care in Gaza?” A member of the audience yelled at Biden when he was speaking on healthcare in Raleigh, North Carolina. “What about the health care in Gaza?”

“Everybody deserves healthcare,” Biden responded. “Be patient with them.”

One of the demonstrators continued to speak off-camera before Biden recognized the concern presented.

“They have a point, we need to get a lot more care into Gaza,” Vice President Joe Biden remarked. “But let’s get back to the matter at hand. Even pregnancy was considered a pre-existing ailment. Do you all know that? Before the Affordable Care Act, all young people would be thrown off their parents’ health insurance coverage before they turned 26, just as they were about to start their own lives. “A lot has changed.

The White House did not immediately reply to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

Biden and First Lady Jill Biden have been heckled multiple times in the past year by critics who claim his government is backing a “genocide” against Palestinians.

“How many kids have you killed?” One protester yelled at Biden in January.

Biden has faced growing criticism within his own party for supporting Israel’s military assault to clear Gaza of Hamas militants following the slaughter of civilians on October 7th of last year.

As Biden has worked to pacify members of his party who are demanding for a cease-fire in Gaza, tensions have risen between his administration and Israeli leadership, which recently canceled a visit to the United States after the US did not veto a United Nations resolution calling for a cease-fire.

Recent Fox News polling reveals a huge rift within the Democratic Party on the Israel issue, with 42% of voters backing the Palestinian side of the conflict, up from 25% in October.

Views for supporting Israel have generally remained stable since November: 30% of voters believe the United States is overly supportive, 27% believe it is insufficiently supporting, and 38% say it is about right. Voters under the age of 30 are among the most inclined to say the United States has been overly supportive, with 47% believing so.

Since November, approval of Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war has dropped 8 points among all voters and 10 points among Democrats.


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