Officials attribute rise in crash deaths to lack of seatbelt usage

According to the KCPD, 90 percent of those killed in car accidents this year were not wearing seatbelts.

That is 18 out of 20 people. Police are reminding you to strap up before you get in gear.

Driver Randy Lee stated that he buckled up because others did not.

“I’ve had several friends that have passed away, two of them were not wearing their seatbelts,” Lee went on to say.

Lee stated that just thinking about it makes him angry, and that they would most likely still be here today.

“All they had to do was click their seatbelt, that was it, and they probably would have survived,” added Lee.

Lee hopes that people remember this the next time they get in the car.

“There’s a lot to live for, right?” Lee stated. “When I was growing up, we didn’t wear seatbelts. But there’s a reason the seatbelt is there.”

In Missouri and Kansas, wearing a seat belt is also required by law. Police officers can and will stop you if they see you without one.

Raul, the driver, hopes his children will utilize this to keep fastened.

“I got teenagers and I saw you don’t want to get pulled over for no seatbelt,” Raul went on to say.

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