Former Wisconsin Gov. Walker predicts Biden will falter on border and crime issues

Former Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker predicts that President Joe Biden’s record on the US-Mexico border and crime will cost him in the November elections.

In an appearance with NewsNation’s “The Hill Sunday,” Walker stated that because of these two concerns, GOP voters are more likely to tolerate former President Donald Trump’s harsh words than vote for a moderate.

“Three big issues: Border security, public safety and high prices,” he stated. “If the election is a referendum on these three issues, Joe Biden loses. He loses significantly not only in Wisconsin and Michigan, but I believe in all of the battleground states.”

According to NewsNation polling partner DecisionDesk HQ, Biden currently trails Trump by roughly two points in Wisconsin and four points in Michigan.

Walker believes that Americans who voted for Biden in 2020 to avoid what he described as “political chaos” during Trump’s first term will not do so again.

Former Wisconsin Gov. Walker predicts Biden will falter on border and crime issues

“They thought they’d get someone moderate, someone reasonable in Joe Biden,” he continued. “It was a mistake. They’d rather take a few unfavorable remarks or Tweets than the uncertainty that comes with the border, which affects public safety.

With Wisconsin’s presidential primary on Tuesday, Democrats see a unique chance in Walker’s home state. New legislative districts approved this month remove Republican advantages that had given the GOP control of the Wisconsin Assembly despite Democrats winning 14 of the previous 17 statewide elections. Democrats believe they can now compete for a majority, but they also believe that revitalized legislative campaigns will help turn out voters for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris this November.

Four of Wisconsin’s last six presidential elections, including 2016 and 2020, were decided by fewer than 30,000 votes. Democrat Tony Evers defeated Republican incumbent Scott Walker for governor in 2018 by 29,227 votes. In 2022, Democrat Mandela Barnes was 26,255 votes short of defeating Republican Senator Ron Johnson.

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