Woman stabbed to death by boyfriend in front of patrons while working at Irish bar

According to reports, shocked revelers watched as an Irish pub employee’s crazy lover allegedly stabbed her numerous times in the neck just after happy hour, leaving her to bleed out before turning the knife on himself.

Sarah McNally, a 41-year-old Irish immigrant, died on the floor of the Céilí House pub in Queens following the 6:30 p.m. assault on Saturday, according to a New York Police Department official.

Emergency responders transported a 36-year-old man in “critical condition” with stab wounds to his head and neck to the same hospital where McNally was pronounced dead; according to the New York Post, the man was the bartender’s boyfriend for several months and injured himself after allegedly attacking the woman.

McNally was “just standing there talking” when “her [boyfriend] walked right in and stabbed her,” a female patron told the newspaper.

“Then he started trying to stab himself,” she told me. “Horrible. “Just horrible!”

It’s unknown what caused the barroom killing. According to sources, the duo had no history of domestic violence prior to the tragic incident, but he had previously been arrested for domestic violence, according to the New York Daily News.

Woman stabbed to death by boyfriend in front of patrons while working at Irish bar

Charges against the attacker are pending while he recovers from self-inflicted wounds, according to the Daily News.

Patron Mike Green told the site that he knew the pair and “still can’t believe it” or “picture it” in the aftermath of the occurrence.

“They were usually together. “M is cool,” Green remarked, giving the boyfriend’s nickname and mentioning that the couple frequently hung out at the Maspeth bar. “The two of them. That’s why it kind of blew my head.”

Woman stabbed to death by boyfriend in front of patrons while working at Irish bar

“Sarah is good people,” Green stated of the victim. “She helps others. Everyone owes her money.

According to the Post, the boyfriend was holding knives in each hand when responding officers approached him, and they used stun guns on him when he refused to drop the weapons.

Mike Lambe, 62, a bar regular, described McNally as a “sweet, innocent girl from Longford,” a county in central Ireland. She had only worked at the pub for a year.

Green told the Daily News that McNally worked as a prison officer in the Emerald Isle before moving to the States.

“She was innocent!” claimed Lambe, who lives just two blocks from the tavern and says the street is frequently plagued by drug sellers and users.

“It’s been getting worse and worse,” he told the media.

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