Violence Erupts in Las Vegas: 3 Killed in Shooting During Custody Dispute, Including Gunman!

According to the Las Vegas police department, a man opened fire with a firearm inside a legal office in the Summerlin neighborhood close to Las Vegas on Monday morning during a child custody deposition hearing, resulting in the deaths of two individuals.

Officer Kevin McMahill, who is the sheriff of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, stated at a press conference that the shooter had also been found dead and that the authorities suspect he committed suicide. According to the findings of the authorities, the two victims were a lady in her 30s and a man in his 50s.

Later on Monday, police Lieutenant Jason Johansson stated at a press conference that the shooting took place at around ten o’clock in the morning in a single suite located on the fifth floor of a building.

Johansson stated that there were seven individuals present in the legal office to take part in a deposition for a child custody matter. Within this group, there were three individuals representing each of the parties involved, as well as a court reporter.

According to Johansson, about a few minutes into the deposition, a guy in his seventies rose up and started firing on two individuals who were standing opposite him.

Johansson stated that the remaining members of the gang managed to gain their freedom, made a call to the authorities, and had been questioned by detectives.

Johansson addressed the press and stated, “It would appear that our two victims were the very specific targets.” He did not supply any information on how the victims and the gunman knew each other or the possible link that existed between them.

According to the police, they have not disclosed any information on a possible reason for the shooting. It has been confirmed by Johansson that all of the children involved have been located and are safe.

According to Johansson, authorities also searched the gunman’s apartment and went through his vehicle. They also issued a search warrant for the shooter.

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