Missouri Death Row Inmate Brian Dorsey Finally Executed for 18-year-old Murders!

Before being put to death on Tuesday, a death row convict from Missouri who had murdered his cousin and her husband before attacking her expressed regret to his family for the horrors he had caused.

The US Supreme Court rejected two appeals filed by 52-year-old Brian Dorsey after he brutally killed Sarah and Ben Bonnie in 2006.

He added, “I am totally, deeply, and overwhelmingly sorry to all of the family and loved ones I share with Sarah and to all of the surviving family and loved ones of Ben.”

The true weight of my humiliation and remorse is too great for words to convey. You are still loved by me. I had no desire to harm anyone. I apologize for hurting you and them.

At the Bonne Terre State Jail, the 52-year-old was given a single injection of the sedative pentobarbital.

Concerns had been expressed that the execution team would not be able to locate a suitable vein without the intrusive “cut down” process since Dorsey was obese, diabetic, and a past IV drug user.

However, the Missouri Department of Corrections informed Fox News Digital that the medication injection resulted in a few deep breaths followed by many rapid, short breaths, indicating a swift death.

The murderer lifted his head off the cushion for a moment, blinked forcefully, and then stopped moving. At 6:11 p.m., his death was declared.

Dorsey’s last supper consisted of two cheeseburgers, two orders of chicken strips, two huge orders of French fries, and a pizza with extra cheese, sausage, pepperoni, onion, and mushrooms, around seven hours before he was executed.

Days before Christmas, in 2006, Dorsey killed his two family members with such brutality that their 4-year-old daughter was left orphaned. This led to his placement on death row.

He had been begging the two to take out a loan so he could pay off two drug dealers who were at his place.

After the Bonnies went to bed that evening, Dorsey went to their house, pulled a shotgun out of the garage, and murdered the pair.

Prosecutors stated at the time that Dorsey had sexually raped Sarah while they lay there motionless.

Dorsey paid for the drug debt by stealing many items from the house.

When Sarah’s parents visited to see how the couple—who had only been married for a year—was doing, they discovered that their daughter was watching TV on the couch.

Her mother “won’t wake up,” she informed her grandparents.

After turning himself into police three days after the killings, Dorsey spent eighteen years in prison “trying to make up for the single act of violence,” according to his attorneys.

Gov. Mike Parson of Missouri also had his appeal for mercy turned down.


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