Could Missouri’s Historic Cicada Invasion Be Sped Up by High Temperatures?

Are you anticipating Missouri’s upcoming cicada invasion? Well, here’s something to consider: the scorching temperatures in Missouri might hasten the arrival of these insects.

Meteorologist Matt Standridge shared a thought-provoking video suggesting that heat could prompt the double brood invasion of cicadas in Missouri and Illinois to commence earlier than expected.

According to soil temperature data from the National Weather Service, the ground in Missouri is already warm, potentially conducive to cicada activity. With the region experiencing a wet spring and rising temperatures, there’s speculation that the cicada invasion might kick off earlier than predicted.

Both the US Geological Survey and Missouri Department of Natural Resources have identified Illinois and Missouri as prime locations for cicada activity.

Only time will reveal whether the combination of heat and moisture will expedite the emergence of cicadas. Brace yourself; it might happen sooner than anticipated.

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