When You Are Attacked by a Bear in the Woods, Look at Things You Should Never, Ever Do!

Encountering a bear in the wilderness can be a terrifying experience, and knowing how to react could mean the difference between life and death. Here’s what you should never do if you find yourself face-to-face with a bear.

When confronted by a 600-pound grizzly, it’s natural to panic. However, instead of frantically searching the internet for last-minute advice, it’s essential to be prepared beforehand. Familiarize yourself with these crucial suggestions on what actions to avoid during a bear encounter.

  1. Don’t Fight a Brown Bear: Your first instinct might be to defend yourself against a charging brown bear. However, experts advise against it. The National Park Service recommends staying calm and motionless, demonstrating to the bear that you pose no threat. Adopting the “play dead” strategy by lying flat on your stomach could help protect you, according to NPS guidelines.
  2. Never ‘Play Dead’ with a Black Bear: Facing a black bear requires a different approach. Instead of playing dead, be ready to fight back vigorously. The NPS suggests using any means necessary to fend off the bear, including direct punches and kicks to its face, utilizing nearby objects as weapons, and deploying bear spray.
  3. Avoid Climbing Trees: Attempting to escape by climbing a tree is futile, especially with a black bear in pursuit. TheManual.com warns that black bears are skilled climbers, rendering any tree-climbing efforts ineffective and potentially more dangerous.
  4. Take Cub Sightings Seriously: While stumbling upon adorable bear cubs may seem like a picturesque moment, it’s crucial to remember that their mother is likely nearby, monitoring your every move. TheManual.com advises maintaining a safe distance from the cubs to avoid provoking a defensive response from the protective mama bear.

By understanding what not to do during a bear encounter, you can better prepare yourself to react calmly and effectively, potentially increasing your chances of survival in the wilderness. Stay informed and stay safe!

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