Employee arrested for adulterating food items with genitals at restaurant

Othello Larenzo Holmes has been charged with attempted indecent assault and five charges of possessing child pornography after being accused of putting his genitals in meals at the restaurant where he works.

The 27-year-old Houston resident was dismissed when the owner of Houston restaurant Kulture saw him on CCTV reportedly placing his genitals on open food items.

The restaurant stated in a statement, “We took immediate action by closing our establishment, cleaning the entire space, discarding all existing inventory, and contacting the police to have the employee arrested immediately.” Additionally, we collaborated with our security staff to improve our video systems. These actions were taken within one hour of the incident being reported to us, ensuring that the situation was resolved before the business reopened.”

They also stated, “The employee has been terminated, and we have taken all necessary steps to restore our normal services to the public.” We are confident that this is a unique instance caused by retaliatory measures following a demotion. Most significantly, this dangerous pedophile is now off the streets.”

According to People, on April 5, a manager revealed authorities video surveillance footage of Holmes reportedly inserting his genitals into the dish. In one interview with detectives, Holmes allegedly admitted to placing his genitalia in jelly. Holmes was brought into custody and charged with attempted indecent assault, according to court documents.

According to court documents, Holmes allegedly stated to investigators that he “needs help” and “has a history of sexual offenses and has these urges frequently.”

A manager told KPRC2 that Holmes has been working as a cook at Kulture Restaurant for several months. According to Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen, Holmes has worked at several restaurants in the region, and authorities suspect he did the same thing at a hotel restaurant where he previously worked.

When Holmes allowed detectives to examine his cell phone forensically, the Harris County District Attorney’s digital forensic team discovered more than 100 images and videos depicting child sex assault.

According to court documents, Holmes’ phone had recordings and images of children “between the ages of infancy to teens engaged in sexual intercourse” and other filthy activities. Five recordings apparently reveal children under the age of ten engaging in sexual activities.

Investigators reportedly uncovered two recordings on Holmes’ phone that show him engaging in a sexual act while a youngster “who appears to be under 6 years of age” is present.

Authorities also discovered evidence on Holmes’ phone indicating that he was speaking with another user known as “princess” in a Telegram chat channel about these cases of child sex abuse. According to the records, he allegedly commented “I wish I had access to kids” on the site during a debate.

Holmes is currently being held in the Harris County Jail, according to sources. He is set to appear in court on June 6 for possession charges and on June 12 for attempted indecent assault. His bond was set at $500,000, or $100,000 per offense.

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