Deadly shooting outside Chicago high school claims lives of two students, police identifies

Two adolescent males were shot and killed as they walked out of a high school in the Loop on Friday afternoon, according to Chicago Police.

The gunshot occurred around 12:25 p.m. near Washington Street and Wabash Avenue. According to authorities, the lads were among a group of pupils walking out of Innovations High School. When two cars arrived on the scene, a number of masked offenders opened fire on the students, striking two of them.

“A group of individuals exited said vehicles, fired multiple times, striking two of the teenaged students of Innovations High School,” stated Jon Hein, Deputy Chief of the Chicago Police Department.

According to CPD, the two teenage guys died as a result of their injuries. They were recognized as Robert Boston (16) and Monterio Williams (17).

Both were initially transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in critical condition. The shooting left no one else harmed, according to authorities.

A woman who was on the sidewalk near the students reported that a bullet from the incident grazed her coat.

“Wherever the tragedy like this strikes in the city, it’s heartbreaking for families and everybody affected by the tragedy, no matter where it happens,” he said.

Alicia Shines, the principal of Innovations High School, posted a statement on Facebook regarding the incident Friday night.

“It is with profound sadness and deep sorrow that we come together to mourn the devastating loss of two of our students, who were tragically shot and killed today while being dismissed for the weekend,” the statement went on to say. “This act has crushed our students, instructors, staff, and the community as a whole. “We appreciate the outpouring of support as our school deals with this senseless act of violence.”

Two adolescent students were slain in a shooting outside Innovations High School near Washington and Wabash in the Loop on Friday, according to police.

“We heard two people got shot and stuff, and we were like, ‘what?'” a high school student said. “And they put us on lockdown.”

Innovations High School is a Chicago Public Schools charter school located on State Street.

“We were looking out the window,” a student witness explained. “We heard the gunshots…. and we was like, ‘dang,’ cause there don’t really be gunshots around here like that.”

“I extend my deepest condolences to their families and the Innovations High School community as they grapple with unimaginable pain and trauma caused by this senseless act of violence,” Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson said in a statement. “My prayers and those of my entire administration are with everyone impacted during this difficult time.”

Witnesses recalled the minutes preceding the rapid firing.

“I was coming out of Burlington.” Like, I’m attempting to go shopping. “The next thing you know, we were hearing a big whole argument,” witness Sade Craig stated. “Then we heard bullets fired. “Like 20 shots.”

Several nearby businesses were placed on lockdown as cops searched for the perpetrators.

“It was something like a firecracker,” said Mohammad Ashiq, the company’s owner. “Like 10-15 shots, like boom, boom, boom!”

There was a significant police presence under the L rails. Due to Chicago police activity, CTA trains avoided the Washington and Wabash stops.

First responders were spotted performing CPR at one point.

“As mothers, we imagine our children are at school. We had no idea our children were on their way to the hospital the entire time, and it’s unfortunate that they had to go through this in Chicago,” Craig added.

Private security officer Kevin Watson told a TV crew filming an episode in the region lately that he initially didn’t believe the gunshots were genuine until he glanced out the window.

“Sitting here, normal day, and heard about 8-10 shots and seen the crowd running, and that’s when I got up, went outside, and saw two of the kids from an alternative school,” Watson went on to say.

No one is in custody as police continue their investigation. The shooting is thought to be isolated.

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