Ranking 3 Most Busy Airports in Utah

Tourism is one of the most profitable industries in the United States, with several destinations for customers to visit across the country. Utah attracts nearly 17 million tourists each year, who visit its national parks and have access to the Great Salt Lake. If you want to save time on your trips, start by flying into one of Utah’s airports.

With only seven airports accessible, some are busier than others, including Salt Lake City International Airport. Understanding how high-traffic airports operate makes it much easier to catch planes on time. While most of the travel business has come to a halt in recent years, this is no longer the case. Here are the top seven busiest airports in Utah.

Salt Lake City International Airport(SLC)

To be as close to Salt Lake City’s downtown area as feasible, fly into Salt Lake City International Airport. This airport, located just 4 miles from downtown, serves 343 nonstop flights every day and is Utah’s busiest airport. It has a reputation for punctuality, having received the highest grade for on-time departures in 2017. It is managed by the Salt Lake City Department of Airports.

This airport first served passengers in 1911, however the field was originally used for military training. When the United States Postal Service began providing air mail services in the city, the airport expanded its offerings.

Commercial flying started in 1926. By 1930, the airport had expanded to 400 acres and featured two dirt runways. By 1980, the airport had expanded to 7,500 acres, with the addition of another terminal. A decade later, the airport even included an 18-hole golf course to keep passengers entertained.

In 2021, it was the world’s 28th busiest airport, with 10,795,906 passengers. It has two runways that are more than 12,000 feet long, as well as a 4,900-foot and 9,596-foot runway. Youth education groups can take tours of the Salt Lake City airport to learn more about all of the services it provides.

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Saint George Regional Airport (SGU)

Ranking 3 Most Busy Airports in Utah

When the original locations for the St. George Regional Airport were constructed, the intention was to replace the municipal airport of the same name, which couldn’t be expanded. With its location on a mesa, there was no room for planes larger than small carriers, yet tourism began to increase.

To keep up, officials chose an abandoned airfield 6 miles away—the designs for the now-St. George Regional Airport included a 10,000-foot runway, which was large enough to take regional planes and smaller. Eventually, they decided on a 9,300-foot runway, which is still utilized today.

The airport’s original budget was $159 million, with the FAA providing $123 million in subsidies. The final cost of the replacement was $160 million, which came from FAA grants, Washington County, and city transportation expenditures. The Utah airport officially opened on January 23, 2011.

In 2021, it had 153,200 enplanements, which fell to 128,453 in 2022. With over 200 flights per day, the airport currently employs 150 people on-site and 1,500 people off-site, helping to expand Utah’s employment. Passengers mainly utilize it to travel to Arizona, Colorado, and Texas.

Provo Municipal Airport (PVU)

Ranking 3 Most Busy Airports in Utah

Provo Municipal Airport is one of the busiest commercial airports, connecting travelers to their partners, Breeze Airways and Allegiant Air. The terminal is 70,000 square feet and includes four passenger gates to make travel smoother. The terminal was upgraded in 2022, allowing it to service more than 116,000 people annually. With 370 flights to 98 cities daily, it is nearly as busy as Salt Lake City International Airport.

The Provo Municipal Airport’s benefits to the local economy contribute to its significant impact on Utah. In 2019, local publications lauded it for providing employment and economic support. By lifting part of the weight from Salt Lake City’s airport, it also balances passenger traffic, reducing congestion. In turn, the latter airport decreases pollution.

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