This is the Largest Pronghorn Ever Caught in Oregon

Hunting can be a polarizing activity, with many individuals either loving it completely or not understanding it at all. Oregon is one place in the United States where people can’t get enough of it.

This state contains around 34 million acres of hunting territory open to anyone who likes to participate in this sport, and a wide range of animals are authorized to hunt. Among these is the pronghorn, an animal native to America with populations spread over the West.

Let’s talk about the largest pronghorn ever caught in Oregon, as well as other record-breaking creatures.

Pronghorn in Oregon: A Brief Overview

This is the Largest Pronghorn Ever Caught in Oregon

Although they are known as American antelope and resemble deer, pronghorns are a distinct species. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife states, “Most authorities consider them the sole modern member of the Antilocapridae family, while all other horned ungulates (mammals with hooves) in North America belong to the Bovidae family.”

Oregon now has about 25,000 pronghorns, and hunts are often held in August. These little animals are swift, attentive, and agile, making them difficult to hunt. This provides hunters with a pleasant and exciting aim to work toward.

How big was the largest longhorn caught in Oregon?

According to the Boone and Crockett Club, the largest pronghorn ever taken in Oregon was 94 6/8 inches. Gabriel J. Gambleton accomplished this astounding feat on August 1, 2020, in Union, Oregon.

Before this catch, the longest pronghorn ever caught measured 92 6/8 inches. Sam Barry, the hunter responsible for this catch, had held the record for nearly two decades. These ratings are computed by determining the length and mass of the horns and prongs of the catch.

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Who has the record for the largest pronghorn ever caught?

Despite these mind-boggling Oregon scores, another hunter owns the world record for the largest pronghorn. In 2013, a hunter called Mike Gallo caught a pronghorn with 96 4/8 points in Socorro County, New Mexico.

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Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that hunting pronghorn is a difficult sport to participate in. With that in mind, these records become much more astounding! Despite the fact that they appear to be unbeatable, hunters from all over compete each year. Who knows, with so many passionate people, we might see another world-record pronghorn sometime soon.


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