Retirement in Virginia vs Retirement in Florida

Florida has long been regarded as the most popular retirement destination in the United States. The beaches, mild year-round weather, and tax-free retirement income, among other considerations, have made it one of the most appealing choices.

However, Florida is not the only player in town, and other states, such as Virginia, may be better places to retire. Virginia has numerous underrated villages that are worth discovering and retiring to (along with many beautiful beaches and mountains).

Florida and Virginia are vast states with plenty of variety. Florida also has several little communities where individuals can retire for less than $2,500 per month, and Virginia has its own affordable and lovely villages, as well as the option of retiring in the mountains.

Here’s why Virginia might be a better place to retire than Florida.

Why Florida is the Most Popular Retirement Destination in the US?

Florida’s weather and tax-free retirement income are two of the key reasons why retirees are drawn to the state. However, Florida is far from the only state with pleasant weather and excellent tax benefits. There is much more to consider than just the tax structure. For example, the cost of living and house prices can outweigh a state’s beneficial tax policy.

Retirement in Virginia vs Retirement in Florida

Florida remains one of the fastest-growing states, increasing by 1.64% between July 2022 and July 2023. Some of Florida’s popular beach locations are now overcrowded (plus the constant threat of hurricanes).

Between 2021 and 2022, approximately 23,800 people relocated from Florida to Virginia, while an additional 33,000 moved from Virginia to Florida. Millennials were most likely to leave Florida.

Virginia’s Milder Weather is a Blessing to Many

Florida is well-known for its hot temperature, but it can be too much for certain people, and Virginia’s weather is frequently more tolerable. Unlike Florida, Virginia has four seasons, however, the winters are mild. Retirees may prefer warmer weather, but many still love experiencing the four seasons.

Retirement in Virginia vs Retirement in Florida

Furthermore, insurance and house upkeep fees can be high in Florida, particularly in desirable areas such as Cape Coral. Homes in Virginia are frequently less expensive than those in Florida, and home maintenance may be simpler as well.

Florida’s well-known tropical weather can have unanticipated negative consequences. Heat and humidity can have a negative impact on properties, increasing the expense of maintenance.

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Virginia: A Comfortable and More Affordable Place to Retire

Virginia has a gentler climate with four seasons and a lower cost of living. It provides a lot of tax breaks for retirees and has a reduced cost of living.

The amount of money required to retire in Florida and Virginia varies by individual (and locality). According to CNBC, Florida is somewhat more expensive than Virginia.

Retirement in Virginia vs Retirement in Florida
  • Florida’s total expenditures are $54,487 (annually).
  • Florida Comfortable Retirement: $68,109 (Annual)
  • Virginia Total Expenditures: $53,236 yearly.
  • Virginia Comfortable Retirement: $466,545 (annually).

According to CNBC research, the cost of retiring in Virginia and Florida is quite close, with Virginia costing approximately $1,200 less each year. This puts the states in the center of the pack in the United States, with Hawaii being the most expensive at $96,982 and Mississippi being the lowest at $44,059 in expenditures.

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Insurance Premiums Are Rising in Florida

The Insurance Information Institute discovered that Florida’s insurance industry is pressured, with several insurers leaving the state, putting a moratorium on new business, or going bankrupt.

Retirement in Virginia vs Retirement in Florida

The average annual premium in Florida has risen to more than $4,200, three times the national average. AAA and Farmers Insurance are among the firms that have been reported to limit coverage in Florida.

Florida’s utilities, such as electricity and water, are more expensive than in Virginia, and so is car insurance.

Florida may still be a terrific retirement destination for individuals who enjoy the heat and have the means, but for many, Virginia is a superior option. There are numerous reasons to consider retiring to Florida rather than Arizona or other sunny destinations.

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While Florida is a popular retirement choice, Virginia offers a milder climate, four seasons, and a lower cost of living, making it an appealing alternative. With a gentler tax structure and less expensive homes, Virginia provides a comfortable and affordable retirement option compared to the potential challenges, costs, and weather extremes in Florida.


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