Pastry Chef Shares Exciting Cake Trends Set to Rise in 2024

Trends aren’t restricted to fashion. The food sector, like any other industry, goes through fads and styles, and this is especially true for cake decorating.

Cupcakes were previously the most popular food to serve at both large occasions, such as weddings, and as dessert when hosting a small dinner party or gathering.

However, just as shoulder pads were progressively eliminated from clothing, cupcakes have given way to alternative cake styles, such as naked cakes and, more recently, Victorian or Lambeth piped cakes. We asked a pastry chef to weigh in and describe some of the new cake trends she’s seeing gaining popularity.

Lambeth Piping

This trend is distinguished by its detailed design, which consists of many forms of tiered piping (ruffles, shells, you name it) looped around the top, sides, and base of a cake.

“This reminds me of my grandmother and her wedding cake and the trend is regaining momentum due to just that…nostalgia,” Cox said.

Pastry Chef Shares Exciting Cake Trends Set to Rise in 2024

Nostalgia is a common subject in food, with classic recipes making a resurgence and chefs paying respect to family recipes. This form is particularly popular for wedding cakes. “We had a bride match the color of her grandmother’s dress to the Lambeth piped cake so it would come full circle during the cake-cutting ceremony—it’s sweet, sentimental, and classic.”

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Large Format Cakes

Multi-layered cakes are no longer in style. OK, not totally. However, huge format sheet cakes are becoming more popular. They can nevertheless dazzle even though they’re not stacked high. Many are ornately decorated in Lambeth piping or stretch to extremely long lengths (like this example, which measures four and a half feet).

“These types of cakes are becoming popular as couples seek a true ‘wow factor.'” Instead of a five-foot-tall wedding cake, couples are opting for one that is five feet in length or circle, allowing them to experiment with not only the appearance but also the flavors,” adds Cox.

Brunch Cakes

Who says cakes have to be filled with icing and layers of sponge? Not today’s modern brides. A cake is what you make it, and brunch cakes, which are quirky variations on the concept incorporating breakfast or brunch ingredients, are just the kind of creative spin we’re looking for.

Pastry Chef Shares Exciting Cake Trends Set to Rise in 2024

“These are great for the laid-back day-wedding couple who wants to enjoy the day without the formalities. Whether it’s a tiered cake constructed from cinnamon rolls or crepes, it prioritizes whimsy and flavor over formality. Couples are focused on the cuisine they want to consume, and they plan their entire wedding day around it,” Cox adds.

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Layered meringue cakes

One of our favorite dessert ideas is to stack layers of meringue. Our Snowy Christmas Pavlova is just one example of how crisp layers of baked meringue may be sandwiched with fillings (anything from curds to fresh fruit, pastry cream, and more) and piled to form a beautiful design.

“These appear light, airy, and soft, making them naturally associated with the minimalist bridal design. Encouraging another choice to cake while remaining true to the traditional white treat, it strikes a perfect mix between classic and taking a chance,” explains Cox.

Cox also mentioned that meringue is inherently gluten-free, which makes accommodating visitors with dietary requirements a little easier.

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Pastry Chef Shares Exciting Cake Trends Set to Rise in 2024

Sarah Jessica Parker revitalized the hair bow, and the fashion trend has now spread to cake designs. Just look at how gorgeous the rhubarb bows are on this dessert.

“When it comes to design, the food industry and the fashion world are very similar, and we are also following the bow trend. I’ve seen cakes decorated with buttercream bows, candied orange peels, and even genuine ribbons affixed to the sides. “That feminine touch creates a lovely decoration for any occasion,” adds Cox.

Passion Fruit

If Cox has a favorite trendy flavor, it is passion fruit. When we questioned David Tamarkin, editorial director of King Arthur Baking Company, about forthcoming baking trends in 2024, he addressed this as well.

Cox has even used tropical fruit in her sweets at RT Lodge. “We have a passion fruit meringue pie on the menu at the moment, which is an updated version of lemon meringue,” Cox said.



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